I like to think of theatre people

I like to think of theatre people as dreamers and loverswell maybe believers. They work in passionate companies, believing they can do beautiful work and hoping the hours the audience spends there will be joyful, transformative and even revolutionary.”When it comes to her roots, Keiley couldn’t be more to the point.”Newfoundland is such a small province but there is a wonderful spirit there, so I say without reservation, I have a great deal of pride in Newfoundland. I spent many years on the road touring with Deidre (Gillard Rowlings), striking up a great relationship.”The wife of sound guru Don Ellis and mother of Josie, she points out that her daughter is “just old enough to be totally freaked out by this show (Alice Through The Looking Glass).From the Northern Peninsula, moving about between the small communities of Englee and Main Brook, Deidre Gillard Rowlings says growing up in a “remote, beautiful and stark place with a lot of space to think, dream and create” had a profound impact on her life in theatre.

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