Rockwell Automation Technologies

Rockwell Automation Technologies, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, has been assigned a patent (9,824,841) developed by six co inventors for a “safety switch and associated methods.” The co inventors are Andrew L. The abstract states: “A cable pull switch includes a polychotomous sensor configured to provide a reading of at least one of a plurality of values, the reading corresponding to a tension on a pull cable or a linear displacement of an end of a pull cable. A processing device is configured to receive the reading, determine whether a value of the reading is outside of a non tripped value window, a limit edge being a pull threshold value, and responsively generate an output signal indicative of a cable pull event.” The patent application was filed on Nov.

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Our prototype is based on standard web technologies, primarily HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript. It uses a central server that stores state information for all the walls in the home. Any web browser can establish itself as a ‘wall’ by registering with the server.

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